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For over 10 years Mountain Monkeys has been supporting events across the UK with interesting and engaging outdoor activities.

Our indoor and outdoor activities are suitable for everything from community fetes and sports days to major expos and air shows. Our mobile cave and climbing wall have been especially popular as they bring a buzz to shop openings and launches of new product lines.

Find out how we can help you as event organisers, as our experienced staff can assist with most types of issues as we’ve been in your shoes in the past. As well as providing equipment and training, we also have a network of contacts that can help with finding the support you need for other events and access in facilties.

Please contact us if we can help or support your event.

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All of our activities are ideal for and included at many

  • Community Days
  • School Fetes
  • County Shows
  • Summer Fairs and Fetes
  • Community Events
  • Trade Shows
  • National Events such as Airshows
  • and many others…